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San Luis Obispo's downtown farmers' market originated in 1983 and takes place on Higuera Street every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.
San Luis Obispo's downtown farmers' market starts every Thursday at 6pm sharp.Downtown Higuera Street gradually fills up with people as the market progresses.People of all ages come together for this weekly event.The market brings a variety of religions and cultures to downtown. People of the Hare Krishna movement play music while walking through the market.Felicia Dito from Peacock Farms sells tomatoes.Farmers bring a variety of beautifully colored produce to the market to sell.You can find a much more diverse selection of produce than you can in most grocery stores.It is common practice to try before you buy, when it comes to sweet, juicy strawberries at the farmers market.Ruth "The Flower Lady" Scovell of Orchard to You Farm in Atascadero has been selling at the downtown SLO Farmers' Market for the past 36 years.This produce is grown by Ralph Johnson of JR Johnson BIodynamic Organic Farm. Ralph has been going to farmers' markets since the late '70s.Listening to live music is another one of the main attractions of the farmers' market.The downtown farmers' market is a very family-oriented environment.Phillip Hurst sells Live Local Apparel.Mother's Tavern and other restaurants set up shop on the street to sell some barbecue!You can have your face drawn into a caricature at farmers' market.There are always activities for kids at farmers' market.This tasty looking taco is made by Foremost, a wineshop, restaurant, and lounge in San Luis Obispo.Somebody feels the Bern at farmers' market.McKlintock's Saloon and Dining comes to farmers' market every week.McLintock's barbecue stand is notorious for being one of the loudest businesses at farmers'.

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