New Times Media Group | Great American Beer Festival 2015
Created 30-Sep-15
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This week, the Sun taps into the beer scene to find the latest brews news. Here's what's going on: Byron Moles, owner of Santa Maria Brewing Company, is set to open his tasting room on Oct. 2 in time for the Autumn Arts Grapes and Grains Festival.

We also managed to score a press pass to the Great American Beer Festival (and you didn't) this year in Denver. Local breweries, including Carpinteria's Island Brewing, Cental Coast Brewing, Firestone Walker Brewing, and Figueroa Mountain Brewing companies all took their beers to the GABF to showcase to crowds of beer enthusiasts across the U.S. Once again, our local brewers took home a slew of medals for their beers. This time, Firestone Walker took home the grand award of Best Mid-Size Brewing Company and Best Mid-Size Brewing Company Brewer of the Year.

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