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Created 6-Jul-16
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New Times visits Circus Vargas at Madonna Inn during a rehearsal for their show. We get to watch a performer practice a skill called Diablo, to watch their acro trio practice and we also get to watch them practice trapeze.
The circus stops at Madonna Inn annually while on tour.All the action happens inside the big tent.Circus performer Steve Caveagna practices a skill called Diablo during rehearsal.He shoots the Diablo out both horizontally and vertically and is amazingly able to catch it back on the string, sometimes juggling more than one at a time.The Osmani Acro Trio, from left to right: Annabel Bachliyski, Nicole Weiss and Mariella Quiroga.The ladies in this trio have been touring with the circus since they were young children.Flexibility and timing is key to success with acro performances.Don't try this at home.Even the professionals sometimes lose control and make mistakes.Quiroga begins to fall after overextending while balancing on Bachliyski.Workers set up a net to catch the trapeze performers.Ensuring that the net is safely set up is a matter of life and death.From this angle, it's clear how high up in the air the trapeze performers swing.Alberto Marinelli practices trapeze in jeans, a t-shirt, and dress shoes.Marinelli swings upside down on the trapeze to catch Quiroga midair for a breathtaking performance.Checkout Circus Vargas' mind-boggling performance. They're in SLO through July 11.

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