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Created 29-Jun-16
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The Flour House, located at 690 Higuera St. in downtown San Luis Obispo, is a classy restaurant that features authentic Italian cuisine.
Flour House owners Gessica and Alberto Russo proudly stand in front of their restaurant."Tradition and Passion at Your Service" is the Flour House motto.Flour House dough is handmade and fresh.Alberto shapes the dough.Then he adds the toppings.Time to cook the pizza.Customers sit at the open air bar and wait for food.This Italian artisian beer has delicious hints of citrus and is highly recommended by Flour House.Here is one of Flour House's vegetarian options, a margherita pizza.Alberto slices the freshly baked pie.This is a freshly prepared pizza with speck, gorgonzola and mozerella and a balsamic reduction drizzled on the top.Take a closeup look at the fresh ingredients on this pizza.From left to right: margerhita pizza, speck pizza, and gnocchi with speck.Time to serve up the delicious food.Another recommended drink at Flour House is the Espresso Martini.It is a caffeine lovers dream for a drink at the bar.

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