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Created 29-Jun-16
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Follow New Times as we look into homelessness in North SLO County. We meet with city officials, volunteers that help homeless, and homeless people themselves. At the end of this slideshow you get a closeup look at the inoperative correctional facility that is being considered as a potential place to house the homeless in the future.
A man rests at Pioneer Park in Paso Robles.Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin and Paso Cares' Cherie Michelson discuss homelessness in the city and their efforts to reduce it, which include helping the homeless get connected to social services.Monday through Friday, the People's Kitchen at the Second Baptist Church serves dinner to people in need. It's run by volunteers in the religious community.Debbie Madden (left), Kathy Turner (center) and Cherie Michaelson (right) put together paper bag dinners for the People's Kitchen.Cherie Michaelson, president of the nonprofit Paso Cares, shows us around the kitchen at the Second Baptist Church where the People's Kitchen is held.Volunteers said they try to give the homeless a well-balanced lunch.A variety of items to help the homeless are stored at the back of the Second Baptist Church.This is a sign-in sheet for the homeless to receive services at the People's Kitchen.Mike Harris called the meals at the People's Kitchen a "blessing" and the volunteers "angels to the homeless."Sandwich stop.Charles collects recyclables to make extra money on his days off from a carpet cleaning company.Charles enjoys lunch in the shade.The Estrella Juvenile Correctional Facility in Paso Robles, inoperative since 2008, is being considered as a hopeful location for a homeless shelter.The facility is 160 acres and has at least seven homes that could be utilized as part of a sheltering program for the homeless.The state of California owns the land and the facility, but local officials are making a push to take control of the asset. Supervisor Frank Mecham wants to talk to the governor's office this summer.Other proposed uses for the land include youth sports playing fields, Cal Fire facilities, farmland, and H-2A worker housing.

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