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Take a tour of polling places Grace Baptist Church and Ludwick Community Center during the last hour of voting on June 7, 2016, from 7 to 8 p.m. Next, take a look inside the SLO County Building while ballot boxes are being brought to that location for vote processing. Finally, visit Dan Carpenter's election party in San Luis Obispo and Katcho Achadjian's election party in Arroyo Grande.
Primary night 2016 has come and gone, but voters in SLO County turned out in record numbers.Grace Baptist Church in San Luis Obispo volunteered to be one of many polling places in the county.Left to right: Keith Pellemeier, Will Powers, Laura Sanchez volunteer at Grace Baptist Church.Democrat, Republican, Independent, decline to state? There's a ballot for that.DId you insert your ballot somewhere?Sherry Van Valken-Burgh fills out her ballot.EMT Josh Cody drops his ballot while polling place Lead Inspector Bob Peak watches.Wildland firefighter Robert Bergschneider gets his vote on.Engineer Derek Romer brought his kids with him to vote "so they'll know about this process" and how to be "responsible citizens."Student Ethan Moskoff voted at the Ludwick Community Center. He felt it was important to vote even though he was "discouraged that Hilary is winning now, but feeling 'the Bern'."Left to right: Marcelle Bakula, David Keeling, and Elena Keeling volunteer to man one of SLO County's polling places.Get your cell phone out of politics! Or at least out of the polling places.A sign on a tree points the way to the county offices in downtown SLO.Votes were tallied on the big screen in real time at the county offices.More volunteers collect votes at the county offices downtown, ready to get them tabulated.Dan Carpenter, a candidate in the race for county 3rd District Supervisor, checks up on the latest numbers.Carpenter speaks to a crowd of his supporters at the San Luis Business Center.Carpenter gets a round of applause on primary election night for coming in second and moving onto the general election.From right to left: Katcho Achadjian is supported by his wife Araxie, daughter Nyri, son Hratch, and daughter-in-law Nina on primary election night.Running for the 24th Congressional District seat, Achadjian held his election night party at a supporter's private residence in Arroyo Grande.

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