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Created 30-Mar-16
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The San Luis Obispo Juggling and Unicycling Club, SLO Ballerz unicycle- basketball team, and entertainers Mark Wilder and VonJon (also known as Something Ridiculous), make up the eclectic crowd that is SLO's unicycling scene.
The San Luis Obispo Juggling and Unicycling Club meets every Tuesday at Meadow Park in SLO.VonJon (right) helps a girl learning how to unicycle at Meadow Park.VonJon and a group of young unicyclists link hands and ride clockwise in unison at Meadow Park.Mark Wilder demonstrates how to ride a unicycle to a group of kids at Meadow Park. Wilder and a few others have been teaching unicycling at the park for about five years.Beginning unicyclists start off with one hand on a pole or fence for balance.Mark Wilder, VonJon, and others teach unicycling to kids for free every Tuesday at Meadow Park.The SLO Juggling and Unicycling Club works every year to be  ready for the Holiday Parade.Mark Wilder adjusts a unicycle for a student.VonJon goofs around while getting some basketball practice on his unicycle in.VonJon mounts a 7-foot tall unicycle at Meadow Park.Kyle Martin, a member of the SLO Ballerz unicycle basketball team, dunks the ball at Meadow Park.Unicycle enthusiasts get some wheel time in on Tuesdays at Meadow Park.Unicycle aficionados practice as the sun goes down at Meadow Park.Carl Hunt, a member of the SLO Ballerz unicycle basketball team, balances on a unicycle at the park.VonJon gets a slam dunk while riding a 7-foot tall unicycle.Mark Wilder adjust a unicycle during practice at Meadow Park.Mark Wilder and the kids unicycle down the path at Meadow Park.Von Jon (juggler on left) and Mark Wilder (juggler on right) are known as Something Ridiculous.Von Jon (left) and Mark Wilder (right) juggle together atop 7-foot tall unicycle at Meadow Park.The SLO Ballerz, one of two unicycle basketball teams in the country, practice at Grace Church.

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