New Times Media Group | Capturing Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2016
Created 22-Jun-16
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Take a tour of Lightning in a Bottle transformational festival 2016 and discover vibrant people, places and things.
Capture Lightning in a Bottle.Heavy traffic can cause it to take several hours to get into the festival.Christopher Mason and Sandra Leon Velarde pull all their stuff into the festival on a cart that Mason designed, specifically for the festival, since he did not purchase a car camping pass.Lightning in a Bottle festival is vast, so study the map in advance, unless you want to get lost in the festival, which can also be fun.LIB is the only U.S. festival to receive the Outstanding  Award from the Greener Festival Foundation for five years in a row."We want to pack it in pack it out," said Jimmy Tafoya about the sign at his camp. "Coachella is left behind pretty bad." He admits LIB gets bad with trash too but he encourages people to clean it up.Inter-play is a game at LIB to interact with others. You pick a card, follow the instructions, and then pass the card on to the person that you choose to play with.Music can be enjoyed at the Thunder Stage day and night.The costumed festival warriors celebrate the goddess Venus, who embodies love.Love comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes at LIB.Crowds of people walk around the festival all day and night.Yoga workshops take place from early in the morning into the evening. They are a great way to ground yourself and stretch out your body.Be inspired and inspire others at LIB.This couple believes you are only as old as you feel and anyone interested in LIB should attend, regardless of age.Express yourself.There are many things included in the LIB experience at no additional costs, like the herbal tea tastings being provided here.This little girl said she loves everything about LIB.Good friends and good food are key elements to enjoying the festival experience.There are lots of healthy food choices at LIB, like this delicious falafel plate from Tante's Falafel.Want to learn how to cook your own healthy food? Take a class at the Learning Kitchen.

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