New Times Media Group | Saint Patrick's Day 2016
Created 23-Mar-16
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Saint Patrick's Day fans dressed in green and joined together in downtown San Luis Obispo on Thursday March 17, 2016.
Fun For All AgesA couple shows a little love for each other and the green holiday.Saint Patrick's Day patrols started early.Law enforcement made a showing at McCarthy's, SLO's Irish Pub.A little Tuesday drinking was happening on the patio at McCarthy's Irish Pub.There's an ID check and face painting at the door for McCarthy's patrons.Reelers have beers with a breeze at Black Sheep.Drinkers take over for the lunch crowd at the Buffalo Pub and GrillThe Buffalo in downtown SLO serves green drinks to green shirts.A girl in green-striped socks enters Mother's Tavern.A reveler throws on a green shirt on his way to the bar.Who's getting exercise and who's getting drinks on Saint Patrick's Day?Downtown SLO was on the prowl during the day on March 15 for St. Patrick's Day.Socializing?It's early, but then again, Saint Patrick's Day excitement starts early.Green means go and so does the walk sign.

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