New Times Media Group | Phillips 66 and the oil trains movement
Created 4-Feb-16
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Protesters from around the state gathered in front of the county building in San Luis Obispo to protest the Phillips 66 rail project during a Planning Commission hearing held Feb. 4 and 5.
A large crowd rallies to stop oil trains during the Phillips 66 rail project hearing.Activists created custom signs to show why they are against oil trains.The protesters attentively listened to and cheered for those who spoke against oil trains.Some protesters pointed to solar power as an alternative to oil.Construction worker Justin Marchand said we need to get off oil and we need intervention.Pro-life activist Sol Runick played patriotic music in support of stopping oil trains.Earl White drove from Fresno to attend the rally and represent Fresno Against Fracking.Many older citizens came out to the rally to show their support for stopping oil trains.Mike Rotcher is concerned about climate change and the danger of oil trains exploding.Protesters holding signs listened to speakers discuss why oil trains should be stopped.Salud Carbajal, currently running for congress, spoke against oil trains at the rally.Dale Stoker and his wife, Mary Ciesinski, live near the railroad and fear danger from oil trains.Andrew Roof and his mother, Caroline, protest together.Bob Sigala and Carmen Hanson want to protect the future for their grandkids.One of the major reasons activists want to stop the project is to protect future generations.JB Bates and her dog, Shijokingo, protest the Phillips 66 project.David Dolnit explains the problems with oil trains through pictures.The Phillips 66 rail project is a flashpoint in the debate over oil trains.At the end of the rally, everyone came together for a group photo.

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