New Times Media Group | How do you feel about this being the last live show ever at SLO Brew on Garden Street?
Created 27-Dec-15
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"I'm bummed because I used to go here when i was in high school...," said Taryn Weem-Sanders."It's kind of bittersweet because I've never been here before...," said Randy Nelson."I am a little sad but I am excited about their new venture and at least it's still in downtown San Luis Obispo...," said Monica Villanueva"I never thought I'd see the end of it. I thought it was just going to keep on going so it's pretty much bittersweet but I'm glad we're ending it on a good note," said Barrett Wangara."It's really sad, it's like very nostalgic for all of us who have worked here, I've been here for three years. I've been coming to shows before that, so it's a really sad night," said Ari Sanbonmatsu."I come from New York City. When I moved here I was wondering about music and night life and this place fulfilled my expectations and I am really going to miss it," said Michael Krout."It's sad to see it go. Change is a necessary thing but this place has got a lot of history in here," said SLO Brew staff member, Lefi Letuligasenoa.

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