New Times Media Group | Faculty at Cal Poly SLO prepare to strike
Created 11-Mar-16
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On Feb. 8, the California Faculty Association (CFA) announced plans for a five-day faculty strike, to take place on April 13 to 15 and April 18 to 19 on all 23 CSU campuses in the state. At Cal Poly, that time happens to coincide with the university's open house.
Glen Thorncroft, a professor of mechanical engineering, gives a guest lecture in March to a freshmen class about the ethics of a strike in an educational institution.Cal Poly faculty join together for a possible strike in 2016.Communication Studies lecturer Lisa Kawamura holds up five fingers for a 5 percent salary raise for CSU faculty.Agricultural lecturer Robert Aversano signs a strike pledge at a recent faculty union question-and-answer meeting at the Cal Poly library.Jill Nelson is an associate professor of architectural engineering and a member of the executive board for Cal Poly’s local faculty union chapter.Faculty members raise their fists in solidarity for a raise.Mustang Pride

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