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Created 6-May-16
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Hide & Tallow is a small shop specializing in handcrafted leather goods, owned and operated by Ty and Karin Smith, who love what they do. It is located in Cambria at 2289 Main St.
Ty and Karin Smith opened Hide & Tallow in 2014.Ty Smith's leather working tools hang on the wall next to his work station.Ty Smith hand stitches all his leather goods.A messenger bag could take up to 30 hours to create.Hide & Tallow sells leather keychains, wallets, and more.Ty Smith's handmade leather wallets are a popular item.Hide & Tallow leather goods come with a lifetime warranty.Leather is hand cut and sewn using 18th century techniques.Locally made candles are sold under the Hide & Tallow brand.Hide & Tallow is located at 2289 Main St. in Cambria.

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